Welcome to our frequently asked questions about the recruitment process where we try to assist you by providing answers to some of the more common questions we receive from clients. Normally, we like to answer your questions directly but we appreciate that sometimes a quick answer can be best.

If you have any specific questions or feel that you require more information than we have provided here feel free to ring 01204 399700 or email all@staffukbolton.co.uk

What services does Staff UK specialise in?

We are confident we can provide quality recruitment solutions for temporary, permanent, contract or temp-to-perm requirements.

Why should my company choose Staff UK?

We have the network and recruitment resources available to provide temporary and permanent staff to meet our clients’ specifications in terms of experience, training and attitudes. Our service begins by listening to our clients’ needs and then, only after fully understanding them, do we move to provide a reliable, stable and efficient recruitment service.

How do I know that the candidates provided can do the required job?

Staff UK Bolton use innovative assessment methods to test and verify the skills and suitability of candidates before fitting them into any vacancy. Our interactive assessment procedures and thorough interview / examination techniques ensure an ideal fit for our client’s requirements.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the candidate supplied?

Throughout our recruitment services Staff UK Bolton conduct a number of quality checks – we like to always be closely involved with our clients to ensure the complete satisfaction. If a particular candidate does not meet our client’s requirements then a personnel manager from Staff UK Bolton will immediately address any given concerns on the same business day.

What level of communication and support can I expect once your services have been engaged?

Our business is built on the relationships we develop and maintain with our clients. This begins with the very first contact with a representative from Staff UK Bolton and our commitment to understanding the specific needs of your organisation. We aim to understand the culture and job specifications of our clients. Once suitable candidates have been placed a representative from Staff UK Bolton will ensure everything is satisfactory and conduct frequent quality reviews to ensure the best results are always achieved.

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